How do I get default date and time format for a defined country?

The DateFormat class allows you to format dates and times with predefined styles in a locale-sensitive manner. Formatting dates or times with the DateFormat class is a two-step process.

First, you create a formatter with the getDateInstance() method for formatting date or getTimeInstance() method for formatting time or getDateTimeInstance() when you want formatting both date and time.

Second, you invoke the format method, which returns a String containing the formatted date. The following example formats today’s date and time by calling those two methods.

package org.kodejava.text;

import java.text.DateFormat;
import java.util.Date;
import java.util.Locale;

public class LocaleDateTime {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Locale[] locales = {
                Locale.CANADA, Locale.FRANCE, Locale.GERMANY, Locale.US, 

        Date today = new Date();
        for (Locale locale : locales) {
            StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

            // Gets a DateFormat instance for the specified locale
            // and format a date object by calling the format method.
            DateFormat df = DateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.DEFAULT, locale);
            String date = df.format(today);
            sb.append("Default date format: ").append(date)

            // Gets a DateFormat instance for the specified locale
            // and format a time information by calling the format method.
            DateFormat tf = DateFormat.getTimeInstance(DateFormat.DEFAULT, locale);
            String time = tf.format(today.getTime());
            sb.append("Default time format: ").append(time)


        // Gets date and time formatted value for Italy locale using
        // To display a date and time in the same String, create the
        // formatter with the getDateTimeInstance method.
        // The first parameter is the date style, and the second is
        // the time style. The third parameter is the Locale
        DateFormat dtf = DateFormat.getDateTimeInstance(DateFormat.DEFAULT,
                DateFormat.DEFAULT, Locale.ITALY);
        String datetime = dtf.format(today);

        System.out.println("date time format in " +
                Locale.ITALY.getDisplayCountry() + ": " + datetime);

Here are the produces output:

Default date format: Oct. 19, 2021
Default time format: 6:11:45 a.m.

Default date format: 19 oct. 2021
Default time format: 06:11:45

Default date format: 19.10.2021
Default time format: 06:11:45

United States
Default date format: Oct 19, 2021
Default time format: 6:11:45 AM

Default date format: 2021/10/19
Default time format: 6:11:45

date time format in Italy: 19 ott 2021, 06:11:45

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