How do I use enum in switch statement?

This example show you how to use enumeration or enum type in a switch statement.

package org.kodejava.basic;

public enum RainbowColor {
package org.kodejava.basic;

public class EnumSwitch {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        RainbowColor color = RainbowColor.INDIGO;

        EnumSwitch es = new EnumSwitch();
        String colorCode = es.getColorCode(color);
        System.out.println("ColorCode = #" + colorCode);

    public String getColorCode(RainbowColor color) {
        String colorCode = "";

        // We use the switch-case statement to get the hex color code of our
        // enum type rainbow colors. We can pass the enum type as expression
        // in the switch. In the case statement we only use the enum named
        // constant excluding its type name.
        switch (color) {
            // We use RED instead of RainbowColor.RED
            case RED -> colorCode = "FF0000";
            case ORANGE -> colorCode = "FFA500";
            case YELLOW -> colorCode = "FFFF00";
            case GREEN -> colorCode = "008000";
            case BLUE -> colorCode = "0000FF";
            case INDIGO -> colorCode = "4B0082";
            case VIOLET -> colorCode = "EE82EE";
        return colorCode;

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