How do I get free space of a drive or volume?

The getFreeSpaceKb(String path) method in the FileSystemUtils class can help you to calculate the free space of a drive or volume in kilo bytes.

Beside using commons-io solution, you can use the File.getFreeSpace() method call provided in the Java 1.6 API. You can find an example of it in the following link: How do I get total space and free space of my disk?.




public class DiskFreeSpace {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        try {
            String path = "C:";
            long freeSpaceKB = FileSystemUtils.freeSpaceKb(path);
            long freeSpaceMB = freeSpaceKB / FileUtils.ONE_KB;
            long freeSpaceGB = freeSpaceKB / FileUtils.ONE_MB;

            System.out.println("Size of " + path + " = " + freeSpaceKB + " KB");
            System.out.println("Size of " + path + " = " + freeSpaceMB + " MB");
            System.out.println("Size of " + path + " = " + freeSpaceGB + " GB");
        } catch (IOException e) {

An example result of the code above is:

Free space of C: = 121961228 KB
Free space of C: = 119102 MB
Free space of C: = 116 GB

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