How do I delete persistent object in Hibernate?

Continuing the previous example How do I get object from database in Hibernate?, we now add the delete function in our LabelService class.

package org.kodejava.hibernate.service;

import org.hibernate.Session;
import org.kodejava.hibernate.SessionFactoryHelper;
import org.kodejava.hibernate.model.Label;

public class LabelService {
    public Label getLabel(Long id) {
        Session session =

        // We get back Label object from database by calling the Session
        // object get() method and passing the object type and the object
        // id to be read.
        Label label = session.get(Label.class, id);

        return label;

    public void deleteLabel(Long id) {
        // Load the object to be deleted
        Label label = getLabel(id);

        // We get the current session and delete the Label object from 
        // database.
        Session session =
package org.kodejava.hibernate;

import org.kodejava.hibernate.model.Label;
import org.kodejava.hibernate.service.LabelService;

import java.util.Date;

public class DeleteDemo {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        LabelService service = new LabelService();

        // Creates a Label object we are going to store in the database.
        // We set the name and created date information.
        Label label = new Label();
        label.setName("Sony Music");
        label.setCreated(new Date());

        // Call the LabelManager saveLabel method.

        // Read the object back from database.
        label = service.getLabel(label.getId());
        System.out.println("Label = " + label);


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