How do I convert CSV into JSON string using JSON-Java?

In this example we convert CSV or CDL into JSON string. We are going to use the JSON-Java CDL (Comma Delimited Text) class. This class provides static methods that will convert a CSV into JSONArray or to convert a JSONArray into comma separated values.

Here are what we do in the code snippet below:

  • Create a comma delimited text. The first line is the headers, this will be the keys in our JSON string. The couples lines is the values. We use the Java text blocks feature to define the string.
  • Create JSONArray object by calling CDL.toJSONArray() static method as pass the comma delimited string as argument.
  • Next we create a JSONArray object, but we separate the header and the body. We do this by calling the CDL.toJSONArray() and provides headers and countries as arguments.
  • Last, we call the CDL.toString() method with JSONArray as argument to convert it to comma delimited text.

Let’s see the code in action.

package org.kodejava.json;

import org.json.CDL;
import org.json.JSONArray;

public class CsvToJson {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // Comma delimited text created using text blocks
        String countries = """
                ISO, CODE, NAME\s
                CZE, CZ, CZECH REPUBLIC\s
                DNK, DK, DENMARK\s
                DJI, DJ, DJIBOUTI\s
                DMA, DM, DOMINICA\s
                ECU, EC, ECUADOR

        // Convert comma delimited text into JSONArray object.
        JSONArray jsonCountries = CDL.toJSONArray(countries);

        // Using a separate header and values to create JSONArray
        // from a comma delimited text
        JSONArray header = new JSONArray();

        countries = """
                CZE, CZ, CZECH REPUBLIC\s
                DNK, DK, DENMARK\s
                DJI, DJ, DJIBOUTI\s
                DMA, DM, DOMINICA\s
                ECU, EC, ECUADOR

        jsonCountries = CDL.toJSONArray(header, countries);

        // Convert back from JSONArray to comma delimited text
        countries = CDL.toString(jsonCountries);

Running the code produces the following results.

To JSON string:

    "ISO": "CZE",
    "CODE": "CZ",
    "ISO": "DNK",
    "CODE": "DK",
    "ISO": "DJI",
    "CODE": "DJ",
    "ISO": "DMA",
    "CODE": "DM",
    "ISO": "ECU",
    "CODE": "EC",

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