Should computer programming take priority over math in the high school curriculum?

If we take a look at the world as we know it today, we can easily spot that technology has taken over our lives. It is so deeply intertwined with everything we do that it would be difficult and challenging to give up using it at all.

This, along with the popularity of some of the richest people on the planet, has created a collective wish: to try to be like them or even better. More and more children want to be computer scientists, to invent the next Facebook or Microsoft. And a legit question has appeared.

Should computer programming take priority over the math in the high school curriculum? If students want to learn more about computer science, should we make it a priority over other subjects? Should the high school math curriculum be changed? Let’s find out the answer to these questions.

Should computer science be made a priority over math?

The direct and clear answer to this question is no. Even though many students in high school would love to learn more about computer science, coding, and programming, this does not mean that it should be a priority over math.

Math anxiety is a real thing that is more and more present in our schools. And both students and their parents are trying to find solutions to cope with it easily. In this case, learning computer science might seem more attractive. It seems that it can help you build a nice future career, especially as there are a lot of resources you can access. But these subjects complement each other nicely.

Concepts you study in math will be useful in computer science too. Learning computer science without math will make it more difficult to evolve and build a solid knowledge base. Many high school math questions shed more light on some challenging computer science concepts, such as algorithms. No matter if you do online high school math, or you go to classes, what you learn during these hours will be of tremendous help.

However, learning computer science is just as important as learning mathematics. Let’s see why.

Having an Advantage

Considering the fact that technology is so deeply intertwined with our lifestyles, knowing how to use it is always a plus. But anyone knows how to use a smartphone or smartwatch as they are user-friendly. But what happens if you want to go beyond the traditional user interface? What happens if a nice idea strikes you, and you want to try it and see how it works?

Well, for this you need computer science knowledge. Which can be developed and improved during high school, with an equal emphasis on math too. Having at least the basic knowledge to get started in computer science or build your custom app can prove to be an advantage.

Computer Science Can Be Used to Teach Math

The best math apps for high school have a few modules that help you practice the easiest and most difficult math concepts equally. But sometimes, learning math can feel like a burden. As mentioned above, math anxiety is something common, and it can be triggered by a lot of factors. But what is important is that math just builds upon the previous year.

So, if you haven’t understood the math concepts taught earlier, it would be difficult to advance. Well, this is the case for many students. And computer science can be used to teach math. High school students are more attracted by new technologies, platforms, and apps to use and discover. And because computer science relies on math concepts, it can be used to teach math to students too.

Like this, students can understand the connection of math with real life too. A lot of them think that what they learn during math classes will not be useful later in life. Some even ask themselves how integrals, derivatives, or matrices help them. But if you understand that all these complex concepts are present in computer science in one way or another, learning them might be easier.

Final Words

Many students and people fail to understand that math is present in our everyday life. And as computer science is a much more appealing subject, many think about it taking priority over the math in the high school curriculum. Even though this might sound nice, these two subjects complement each other, and they should be given equal priority.

Java Project Ideas To Implement While Being in College

According to the Oracle estimations, Java runs on over 15 billion devices around the world. The TIOBE index defines Java as the 3rd most popular programming language. It’s used almost everywhere where coding is required, from mobile games and business apps to automated tests, etc. The biggest companies in the world, like Google, Apple and Android, use Java as it’s a stable language, showing no signs of going anywhere.

Many employees look for experts in Java, so your skills will be in high demand. Java developers make good money, that’s why your job can be really rewarding. What’s more, Java is beginner-friendly. So if you are afraid of complexity, there is no need to worry.

However, learning Java while still at college can be a challenge. Combining different disciplines at the same time usually feels daunting. What to do in this case? You should ask for academic help. For example, you may buy essays online for college or request assistance with your papers at special companies. Also, a good solution would be using automated online tools, such as plagiarism checkers and citation generators. No matter what kind of help you decide to use, you should prioritize things right. If learning Java is the most important thing at college, put the rest aside.

Java projects for beginners

If you are just starting your big journey in the world of Java, you should consider some project ideas listed below.

Airline reservation system

To gain your first hands-on experience, you can try working on the airline reservation system. Include the following elements to your system: e-ticket operations, online transactions, inventory and fares. Your reservation system must contain such features as reservation and cancellation of the tickets, transaction management, routing functions, quick responses to customers and reports on the daily business transactions.

Course management system

Another thing you can design as a beginner is an online management software application for educational institutions. You must include three main elements into your course management system: administrator, student and instructor modules. Administrator module is used to create accounts for students and instructors, make curriculum and manage the employees. Student module is designed for learners who need to view their coursework, get feedback and submit their assignments. Instructor module allows instructors to log in to their accounts in order to check the projects and provide guidance to students.

Data visualization software

One of the key elements of the modern tech industry is data visualization. In this project, you can learn how to deliver insights hidden in the data precisely and effectively. This is a great chance to become better at stimulating the viewer’s engagement. Note that your project must be not only functional, while conveying ideas effectively, but also aesthetically pleasing. Having data visualization projects in your portfolio will make your resume look much more appealing for employers than others.

e-Healthcare management system

If you want to learn how to provide effective solutions for the medical industry, you should try to work on the e-healthcare management system. What are the key features of this software? First of all, it must establish clear communication between doctors and patients. Secondly, it must accurately analyze hospital resources, such as laboratory equipment, administration, medicines and more. One of the main goals of an e-healthcare management system is to eliminate the problems of missing or incorrect data.

Email client software

If you are interested in email marketing, why not use your skills for developing an email system? Design a project for sending and receiving electronic mail, using Java Mail API. For this software you should use SMTP and POP3 protocols that are easy to understand for beginners. Products like this are in high demand nowadays, so you could benefit a lot from having it in your portfolio.

Electricity billing system

Even being a beginner Java developer, you can create an electricity billing system that will calculate the units consumed within a specified timeframe. In accordance with that information, an electricity billing system calculates the cost of those units. To make your software excellent, you should ensure that it features both a high speed and accuracy. It must also allow for seamless data sharing and high-security controls.

Final thoughts

Studying Java coding can be one of the best academic decisions in your life. This programming language is in high demand on the job market, so you should master your skills as soon as possible. Do it with the help of projects for beginners listed above: airline reservation system, course management system, data visualization software, e-healthcare management system, email client software and electricity billing system.