Java Performance Tuning Books for Students To Read

Java development requires more than just experience. Learning from the experiences of other people is an invaluable habit that will propel your programming career to another level.

Luckily for Java lovers, some developers have offered their best insights on Java programming in books. Here are the top Java performance books that will enlighten your craft.

Java Performance: The Definitive Guide

These 400 pages will transform your mentality as a Java engineer. It focuses on approaches that form the foundation of a successful project. Some concepts addressed by Scotts Oaks include response time, throughput, and micro-benchmarking. Other areas covered in detail include memory optimization, multi-thread concept, and garbage collection analysis. You will admit that these are the pivotal elements of any programming exercise. Learning from this Java guru offers the best insights into one of the most promising programming languages.

Java Performance

The book is co-authored by Binu John and Charlie Hunt. It provides some of the most comprehensive views of performance tuning tools and JVM. It is unique because the author has focused on Oracle products, helping developers to understand this area in depth. Among the areas covered include performance tuning, performance benchmarking, and profiling. The book featured more text and less code. The technique helps you to use imagination and get into an intense understanding of coding.

Java Performance Tuning

Jack Shirazi demonstrates his mastery of Java performance by including his life experiences in the process of development. He has also provided excellent demonstrations of real-life projects. The tips mentioned in the book will also help developers kick-start their projects. For beginners, this is a book that will outline the expected journey, especially from seasoned programmers who have walked the road. Some areas given prominence include exceptions, I/O, and object creation. It is an eye-opener for any Java lover.

Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud

Brendan Gregg is a certified performance architect for Java. Brendan has given a general view of performance as opposed to specific Java issues. For engineers, this is the kind of material you would want for your upcoming project because it does not restrict your thinking. It goes into incredible depth using very simple language. This makes the book easy to understand.

Books on Java programming are an eye-opener for amateurs and seasoned developers alike. They provide a chance to learn from the mistakes and successes of other people. You have an invaluable start to your programming journey.

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