How do I create a table in PDF document using iText 8?

When it comes to generating PDF documents dynamically, iText 8 is a powerful and versatile Java library that provides a wide range of functionalities. One common requirement in PDF generation is the need to include tables to present structured data. In this blog post, we will explore how to create a table in a PDF document using the iText 8 library.

The Table class in iText 8 is a layout element that represents data in a two-dimensional grid. It allows you to create tables with rows and columns to organize and display data in a structured format.

To create a table using iText 8, we would first need to create an instance of Document class where the table will be added. We then define a Table object either by passing the number columns, or an array of float for the column width as parameter.

Here is how you can create a table with iText 8:

package org.kodejava.itext;

import com.itextpdf.kernel.colors.DeviceGray;
import com.itextpdf.kernel.colors.DeviceRgb;
import com.itextpdf.kernel.pdf.PdfWriter;
import com.itextpdf.kernel.pdf.PdfDocument;
import com.itextpdf.layout.Document;
import com.itextpdf.layout.element.Paragraph;
import com.itextpdf.layout.element.Table;
import com.itextpdf.layout.element.Cell;


public class CreateTable {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws FileNotFoundException {
        String destination = "table_example.pdf";
        PdfWriter writer = new PdfWriter(destination);

        PdfDocument pdf = new PdfDocument(writer);
        try (Document document = new Document(pdf)) {

            float[] pointColumnWidths = {150F, 200F, 100F};
            Table table = new Table(pointColumnWidths);

            // Add header cells to the table
            table.addHeaderCell(new Cell().add(new Paragraph("Id"))
            table.addHeaderCell(new Cell().add(new Paragraph("Name"))
            table.addHeaderCell(new Cell().add(new Paragraph("Age"))

            // Add cells to the table
            table.addCell(new Cell().add(new Paragraph("1")));
            table.addCell(new Cell().add(new Paragraph("Alice")));
            table.addCell(new Cell().add(new Paragraph("20")));

            table.addCell(new Cell().add(new Paragraph("2")));
            table.addCell(new Cell().add(new Paragraph("Bob")));
            table.addCell(new Cell().add(new Paragraph("25")));

            // Add table to document

This will create a new document with a table including three columns and three rows. The first row is the table header, we style it with a gray background, set the font weight to bold and center aligned the text.

iText 8 Table Example

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