How do I compress a file in GZip format?

In this code example we will learn how to compress a file using the gzip compression. By its nature, gzip can only compress a single file, you can not use it for compressing a directory and all the files in that directory.

Classes that you will be using to compress a file in gzip format includes the GZipOutputStream, FileInputStream and FileOutputStream classes. The steps for compressing a file described in the comments of the code snippet below.



public class GZipCompressExample {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // GZip input and output file.
        String sourceFile = "/Users/wsaryada/Temp/Data/pom.xml";
        String targetFile = "/Users/wsaryada/Temp/Data/pom.gz";

        try {
            // Create a file output stream the write the gzip result into
            // a specified file name.
            FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream(targetFile);

            // Create a gzip output stream object with file output stream
            // as the argument.
            GZIPOutputStream gzos = new GZIPOutputStream(fos);

            // Define buffer and temporary variable for iterating the file
            // input stream.
            byte[] buffer = new byte[1024];
            int length;

            // Create a file input stream of the file that is going to be
            // compressed.
            FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream(sourceFile);

            // Read all the content of the file input stream and write it
            // to the gzip output stream object.
            while ((length = > 0) {
                gzos.write(buffer, 0, length);

            // Finish file compressing and close all streams.
        } catch (IOException e) {

To decompres gzip file see the following example How do I decompress a GZip file in Java?.

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