7 Of The Best Java Podcasts Today

Java has already taken the coding world by storm with its promises to create better technologies for the future. Though, if you’re looking to learn about the Java programming language from a podcast, it can be hard to find a sufficient developer (or in this case, Java) podcast to learn from, with literally hundreds of podcasts to listen to these days.

So, where should you start? Don’t panic! We’re here to help!

We’ve taken the liberty of searching for the best Java podcasts for you, despite the hundreds of great ones that are out there. Plus, we want to show you the most up-to-date podcasts that you can learn the coding language from.

So, without further ado, here are 7 of the best Java podcasts that you should definitely take a listen to today!

1. Simple Programmer Podcast

Okay, so this one’s not exclusively a Java podcast. However, there’s no denying that the Simple Programmer Podcast has got lots of great Java-exclusive episodes featuring many brilliant tips, especially for beginners. The Simple Programmer Podcast even helps to direct you towards all sorts of other equally useful Java resources, like books and courses.

2. Coders Campus

Want to learn how to program using the Java programming language? Then this podcast is for you!

Coders Campus will teach you step-by-step lessons on how to use Java to create your own web applications or mobile apps. “From clear tutorials to in-depth explanations of the Java programming language, all ideas and lessons are presented in plain English for better understanding. And, all important concepts are addressed, so that listeners can excel in the field of software,” says Tyler Gregory, a Java expert at UKWritings and Boomessays.

3. Inside Java

Inside Java has anything and everything Java, since it’s brought to you directly from the people that make Java at Oracle. As these people discuss the coding language, they’ll also cover the JVM, OpenJDK, platform security, innovation projects (i.e. Loom and Panama), and other exciting developments and stories about Java.

4. Java Pub House

Want to learn how to program in Java? Then tune in to Java Pub House, where they talk about the odds and ends of Java, like “Hello world,” O/R setups, threading, learning how to troubleshoot coding issues, etc. Once you subscribe to the podcast, you’ll have access to all episodes of the podcast, whether you’re at home or on the go. And whether you’re a novice to Java, or an expert developer looking to brush up on your skills, this is the podcast for you!

5. Coding 101

A Catholic priest talking coding? No kidding!

Father Robert Ballecer joins Lou Maresca on an amazing podcast called Coding 101. In this weekly instructional, project-oriented programming show, Fr. Ballecer and Maresca teaches Java to beginners and intermediate programmers within several interchangeable modules. With a wide range of topics to talk about – special interests, “applied” programming tips and tricks, other Java programs (i.e. C++, Visual Basic, PHP, Perl, etc.), etc., Coding 101 has stood the test of time, despite no longer being in production. You can catch all the episodes, along with guest programmer interviews on their website in the TWiT Archives.

6. Bus318 – Business Programming In Java

Leaning more towards expert Java developers, Bus318 acts as a hardcore Java education, with prerequisites in Computer Science 221 with a (C) or better, at least concurrent enrollment in Business 314. From advanced topics in object-oriented data modeling, to graphical user interfaces, to text and binary I/O, to calling on integration with relational and object-oriented databases, this podcast is your go-to learning spot for Java!

7. Java Off-Heap

“The Java Off-Heap Podcast is sure to bring listeners the latest tech news when it comes to Java,” says Spencer Talbot, a tech writer at Custom Writing and Reviewal. “From Java professionals from Chicago, to going over the latest news and issues, this podcast will go in depth on all the topics, bringing in the most useful knowledge that all Java developer novices and experts can take into consideration.”


So, are you ready to learn Java? Then check out these 7 select podcasts that will give you great insight on coding, and mastering Java!

Happy listening, and happy coding!