How do I convert decimal to binary?

In this example you will learn how to convert decimal number to binary number. To convert decimal number to binary we can use Integer.toBinaryString() method. This method takes a single parameter of integer and return a string that represent the equal binary number.

If you want to convert the other way around, from binary string to decimal, you can use the Integer.parseInt() method. This method takes two parameters. First, the string that represents a binary number to be parsed. The second parameter is the radix to be used while parsing, in case for binary number the radix is 2.

package org.kodejava.lang;

public class IntegerToBinaryExample {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        int integer = 127;
        String binary = Integer.toBinaryString(integer);
        System.out.println("Binary value of " + integer + " is "
                + binary + ".");

        int original = Integer.parseInt(binary, 2);
        System.out.println("Integer value of binary '" + binary
                + "' is " + original + ".");


Here is the result of our program.

Binary value of 127 is 1111111.
Integer value of binary '1111111' is 127.