Why do I get NotOLE2FileException: Invalid header signature error?

When I was creating the code snippet for the How do I replace text in Microsoft Word document using Apache POI? I got the following error when running the snippet . As additional information, the code snippet for the Kodejava website is written as a Maven project.

org.apache.poi.poifs.filesystem.NotOLE2FileException: Invalid header signature; read 0xE011BDBFEFBDBFEF, expected 0xE11AB1A1E011CFD0 – Your file appears not to be a valid OLE2 document

This error message was produce when the code trying to open a Word document. The Apache POI reports that the Word document has an invalid header signature, not a valid OLE2 document. Comparing the original document with the document under maven’s target directory I found out that the file size was different. This could mean that something alter the document and corrupt the header.

After doing some googling, I found out that this error is due to maven resource filtering. The maven resource filtering process cause the Word document header corrupt during the copy phase. The solution to this problem is to make sure that the filtering process is set to false. The pom.xml of the maven project should be altered to have the following configuration.