How to disable scripting elements in JSP pages?

With the introduction of Expression Language in JSP 2.0 it is recommended to use the EL instead of using a scripting elements / scriptlets. That means if we want to access a server-side objects it is recommended to use EL then to write some Java codes in the JSP pages.

For this purpose in JSP 2.0 we are given a feature to disable the scripting elements by defining a scripting-invalid element within the <jsp-property-group> in the deployment descriptor (web.xml) file.

Here is the JSP configuration that you need to add in the web.xml file:

<web-app xmlns=""
    <display-name>JSP Examples</display-name>


When you try to request a JSP page that have a scripting elements in, it will give you an error message like this:

HTTP Status 500 - /sessionWriteRead.jsp (line: 10, column: 2) Scripting elements ( <%!, <jsp:declaration, <%=, <jsp:expression, <%, <jsp:scriptlet ) are disallowed here.