How do I convert string to Date in GMT timezone?

The following code snippet convert a string representation of a date into a java.util.Date object and the timezone is set to GMT. To parse the string so that the result is in GMT you must set the TimeZone of the DateFormat object into GMT.

How do I get pattern string of a SimpleDateFormat?

To format a java.util.Date object we use the SimpleDateFormat class. To get back the string pattern that were used to format the date we can use the toPattern() method of this class.

The result of the program will be as follow:

How do I breaks a paragraph into sentences?

This example show you how to use the BreakIterator.getSentenceInstance() to breaks a paragraphs into sentences that composes the paragraph. To get the BreakIterator instance we call the getSentenceInstance() factory method and passes a locale information.

In the count(BreakIterator bi, String source) method we iterates the the break to extract sentences that composes the paragraph which value is stored in the paragraph variable.

Our program will print the following result on the console screen: