How do I get and display an image in Applet?

To display an image in an applet we first need to obtain the image object itself. A call to applet’s getImage(URL url, String name) method help us to create an image object from the specified URL of the image.

For displaying the image on the applet’s screen we draw it in the paint() method using Graphics.drawImage() method.

How do I get Applet’s document URL?

The code snippet below show you how to get the URL of the document (HTML, JSP, etc) where the Applet is embedded. To obtain this document URL we use the getDocumentBase() method call provided by the Applet class.

In the paint() method below we use the getDocumentBase() to create a URL as a link to an image to be displayed by our applet.

How do I display message in browser status bar?

In this applet example you’ll see how to display a message in browser status bar. To make the example a little bit more interesting we’ll display the current time as the message. The time will be update every on second during the life time of the applet.