How do I import Java package in script?

Here you can see how to import a Java class so that you can use the class, creates an instance of
it in the scripting environment. We want to print out the current date on the console. For this we
need to import the Date class that’s packaged under the java.util package.

In the script we can import the java.util package using the following script

This program prints the following line:

How do I modified Java object in script?

This example show how to modified Java object from scripting environment. Below we manipulate a collection of string data. To pass data into the scripting engine we use a key-value binding to the script engine.

How do I access Java object from a script?

This example demonstrate how you can access Java object from a script. We put Java object into the script engine by calling the ScriptEngine‘s put(String key, Object value) method. This value can later be read or access by our script. For example we pass an array of string and a date object for our script to display.

Our code will print as follow: