How do I get the component type of an array?

The Class.getComponentType() method call returns the Class representing the component type of an array. If this class does not represent an array class this method returns null reference instead.

This program print the following output:

How do I determine if a class object represents an array class?

For checking if a class object is representing an array class we can use the isArray() method call of the Class object. This method returns true if the checked object represents an array class and false otherwise.

How do I get direct superclass and interfaces of a class?

Java reflection also dealing with inheritance concepts. You can get the direct interfaces and direct superclass of a class by using method getInterfaces() and getSuperclass() of java.lang.Class object.

  • getInterfaces() will returns an array of Class objects that represent the direct super interfaces of the target Class object
  • getSuperclass() will returns the Class object representing the direct super class of the target Class object or null if the target represents Object class, an interface, a primitive type, or void.


Here is the result of the code snippet: